Some audio professionals believe in one step, fix-all mixing techniques- try saying that 3 times fast. We are not “set it, forget it” engineers, no corners are cut, and we do not treat any two mixes the same. Different genres call for different sonic qualities. You worked hard on your music, your mix deserves individual attention and a custom approach.

We fine tune your mix by offering unlimited pre-mix consultations and three free revisions. This ensures you get the product you are looking for.


If you mix a song using one speaker source, chances are your product will sound inconsistent in other settings. We avoid this by referencing ALL of our monitoring sources including professional headphones, cheap earbuds, our home theater system, Macbook speakers, both of our cars, and of course three sets of studio monitors and subwoofer.


Options are important when considering what to do with your final product. That’s why we provide you with multiple mix versions/formats including: Apple Lossless, MP3, WAV, AIFF, Vocal +3db, Vocal -3 db, and Instrumental

Your mixes will be master-ready, guaranteed.


Austin Tracy

“My name is Austin Tracy, I’m the singer and guitarist for Orchards. Originally we were going to have Everett only mix our single for a promotional radio plug. Once we heard the final mix, we decided that we wanted him to mix the whole record. He listened to our requests and executed them. We are now signed to Old Flame, and will be back for the next record soon.”

Austin TracyOrchards
Matt Martinez

“These guys do great work. They respond super fast and can mix your socks off.”

Matt MartinezThe Breakout Plan