Sensational Cincinnati

Oh right! Okay, YES. This band, Orchards. If you’ve ever wondered what Kevin Parker (Tame Impala) would sound like as a Midwest rock and roll band- wonder no farther. It’s like what happens when you take a blowdryer to a wet watercolor painting, and then set the masterpiece on fire. Yes, I’m biased. Yes, I’ve been working with the band since their start in 2012. Yes, the drummer and I are best friends. HOWEVER, Cincinnati needs a band like this. When it comes to real rock and roll (among other things) the city is somewhat dry. The band gigs throughout the Midwest and often brings all sorts of people together. It’s seems that it doesn’t matter who you are, finding a connection with their colorful, four on the floor music is easy. Could be the mnemonic vocal patterns, the lack of shoes, or the contrast of a steady tempo with a wall of washed out guitar tone. Regardless, you are left with no choice, but to close your eyes, bob your head and think about how the Beatles white album changed the world forever. The trio plans on releasing their self titled debut album (edited and mixed by yours truly), in early May of this year under Old Flame Records. I’ll keep you in the loop with a new blog post once the album is out. Check out their facebook here, their twitter here, and their instagram here. Super proud of these guys, give ‘em a listen.


Austin Tracy – Vocals, Guitar

Evan P Wagner – Drums

Kyle Stone – Bass, Keyboard

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